Elaine & Walter

Elaine and Walter describe beekeeping as a “hobby gone wild.” With 200 hives in eight locations across the community, it is like having a second full-time job just to tend to the bees.

What drives them is the result of their hard work – honey, which they take to the Memorial Centre Farmers Market.

“Watching someone’s face while they try local honey for the first time, it’s the best! We are fortunate to have good areas for bees in our community. They are like people: when bees have a good place to forage, they stay.”

Every Sunday you will find Elaine and Walter, always in yellow, sharing their knowledge of and enthusiasm for beekeeping.

Walter describes beekeeping as a “knowledge-intensive business” where you “cannot be afraid of being wrong and always seek advice. You have to find out what not to do, like inspecting bees in January – you just don’t do it! It would be like somebody lifting the roof off your house, you’d freeze the pipes!”


Elaine & Walter,
Bee Happy Honey, Memorial Centre Farmers Market