Fahd and Kinda

We have been in Kingston for 9 months. What do I like best? I think it's the way of life - the social way of life - how people are helpful. It's a new life for us here - a very big and great change." - Fahd Abou

"I am starting to write a short story about my experience called Planet of Canada, because I want to share the many beautiful things I have experienced with the public. I was so surprised that people were ready to help without waiting for thanks or without even knowing you. I never thought that I could start to work so quickly as a mother of two kids, but thanks to KEYS' help - moral support, access to financial support and guidance - now I am working in catering." - Kinda Al Zakot

Newcomers to Kingston, like Fahd and Kinda, rely on the Community Refugee Relief Fund to have a happy start in our city. Ongoing donations to the fund are appreciated and can be made at UnitedWayKFLA.ca/refugeerelief

Learn more about the City of Kingston’s partnership in supporting the Community Refugee Relief Fund at CityofKingston.ca/refugees