Kris + Dee

When Kris Abbott and Dee McNeil of the superfolk duo, Kris + Dee, were looking to move closer to family, Kingston felt like home – a place on water that had an ebb and flow that matched their own.
“We walk to the beach every day,” said Abbott. “We talk by the water and make bigger, slower decisions there.”

McNeil says that they aren’t the type of musicians who can live on the road. “We have to connect with our community whether it’s through activism or helping local charities. Our work is driven by experiences. We learned that we can’t do music without living our lives.”

“Our creative process is cyclical,” said Abbott. “We live then we process life through music. When creativity comes, we’re lucky that we have the flexibility to take time for that.

“We’ve always created near water,” McNeil muses. “Newfoundland, Picton, even in Toronto and now here in Kingston.”

Abbott adds: “Kingston is a big part of our music. It’s the pace of life. The outdoors. It’s about making time to create things we love.”

Listen to the track Beach from the album A Great Long Game