Mahmoud Maree

Mahmoud Maree was interviewed by Rasha Fahim, Immigrant Services Kingston and Area youth settlement worker, at the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada classes. Translation of the interview from Arabic to English was provided by Rasha Fahim.

I have been in Kingston now for exactly one year. My family and I are very happy here. The people are very kind. My sons love how people here respect different religions and races. I would like to say that we owe all this to our sponsor group. They don’t make use need anything. They provided support in anything anyone can imagine, from doctors, lawyers, economists, and even with information on fitness and well-being. I believe that we are one of the luckiest families to settle here in Kingston because of the love and support we received from our sponsor group. They continue to provide us support because we feel that they are family now. Their love and support is what made us feel and home and feel that we are amongst our very own family.

My main goals were for my children to get an excellent education and I thank God that they are given that opportunity here in Canada. I would live to improve my English to be able to speak fluently. I would also like to improve my health condition which is something my sponsor group has been working on and continues to work on. Eventually, I would like to own my own business in apparel here in Kingston.

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