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Jana Mareckova

“I've been part of the Green Earth Co-op for six years and I love it. Car sharing is greener, cheaper and good for our community."

Jana Mareckova

Will Freeman

You’ll find Will at the Memorial Centre Farmers Market every Sunday standing behind a beautiful display of his produce, including his funky salad mixes named Fall Frolic, Bunny Mix and Wild Thing featuring edible flowers.

Kingston is a community that values local food, and that makes for happy farmers. The smile on Will’s face, as he answers questions

Gordon McAlary

I have always been involved in research and development related to energy engineering. As a kid, I played with Lego, Erector sets, and model steam engines. In my early teens, I built a small operating wind turbine from an Erector set and mounted it on the peak of the roof of my childhood home. I subsequently pursued a mechanical engineering

Thank you for that night in Kingston

The Tragically Hip’s Aug. 20, 2016, concert and live-streaming event in Kingston struck a beautiful chord with more than 11 million Canadians and Hip fans around the world.
Here is a sampling of some of the feelings expressed at #HipinKingston following this remarkable event:

The Tragically Hip: Thank you, thank you, thank you music lovers! #ManMachinePoemTour #HipInKingston #cbcthehip pic.

Bobacaygeon over Princess St.

I moved to Kingston 17 years ago to work as a manager at the Capitol 7 on Princess Street. My second night working, my staff were anxious and excited in the lobby. I had no idea what was going on. It turns out that Rob Baker was coming into to see a movie. Of course, being new to Kingston I

Ricardo B Giuliani

Ricardo is a man of many talents and wearer of several hats. Since coming to Kingston from Brazil to pursue an education in marketing he has been a student, a professor and is now the creative director of Spark Production House – a marketing and creative agency located on-campus at St. Lawrence College.

Spark is unique.

It is staffed by students

Anita Johnson

Preserves Reserves’ Anita Johnson shows off a jar of pickled beets fresh out of the canning bath.

Preserves Reserves is one of the Loving Spoonful’s efforts to capture the goodness of local donated food for use by 25 of Kingston’s shelters and hot meal programs.

On a night in late August, the group made apple sauce and blanched

Bill, Eileen, Heather, Landon Moreland

Sci-fi fans who envisioned a day when robots would help with our daily chores likely didn’t picture how that might work on a dairy farm, but robots are playing in important role on farms today.
Rustowil Farm in Joyceville, Ontario is a fourth generation farm built in the 1930s. It was a typical operation with cows in stalls being

Connor Macorin

Above all, the Queen's Solar House project demonstrates that living in a sustainable fashion is no longer a dream, but a cost-efficient reality. Like all technology, solar panels are becoming increasingly affordable and efficient over time. Meanwhile, programs like Ontario’s microFIT are making them a profitable long-term investment. By encouraging our visitors to adopt these sustainable technologies in their

Evan Burtt

The Queen's Sustainable Solar House project will bring the general public's realization of how attainable sustainable technologies are on smaller residential scales. The intent is to make the Queens Solar home a showcase for the various systems available for home energy needs, heating, and water collection/disposal. If everyone in Ontario implemented at least some of the systems we are

Cedric Pepelea

“Little things can have a large impact. For example by adding inexpensive pipe insulation on your hot water pipes you can greatly reduce the heat lost in - turn saving you a great deal of energy and money and reducing your greenhouse gas footprint for very little upfront cost.”

Cedric Pepelea,
Enactus SLC Manage Your Energy Workshop