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Jana Mareckova

“I've been part of the Green Earth Co-op for six years and I love it. Car sharing is greener, cheaper and good for our community."

Jana Mareckova

Rick Horton

Nestled away at 1641 Perth Rd. is a beautiful stretch of woodland that for many is an iconic element of our childhood memories. It’s a wooded wonderland filled with nature, the sound of running water - and the sweet smell of maple syrup being cooked.

This place is the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area. For more than 40 years

Spencer Bardell

“My electric vehicle is the best car I have ever driven and it’s quicker than my Porsche.”

Spencer Bardell

Dr. Gerald A. Evans

When I was in grade school I read the biography of a famous German microbiologist of the 19th century named Robert Koch who discovered anthrax and TB (tuberculosis) – and I was just fascinated with microbes. Koch was physician and scientist – so in retrospect this is likely what pushed me into a career in medicine, specifically, infectious diseases.

I graduated medical

Kris + Dee

When Kris Abbott and Dee McNeil of the superfolk duo, Kris + Dee, were looking to move closer to family, Kingston felt like home – a place on water that had an ebb and flow that matched their own.
“We walk to the beach every day,” said Abbott. “We talk by the water and make bigger, slower decisions there.”

McNeil says that

Suzanne Fast

“Programmable thermostats can reduce energy consumption by approximately 20%. We use one in our office. Why keep the temperature at 21 degrees when no one is here?”

Suzanne Fast,
Sustainable Kingston

Lilith and Brian

“Loving Spoonful has collected and delivered over 250,000 lbs of perishable food since 2008. Working with local caterers, restaurants, hotels, and farmers, Loving Spoonful prevents food from going to the landfill and helps it get to those who need it most.”

Lilith and Brian,
Loving Spoonful

Charlotte and Kamille

“Through our Light Bulb Exchange and UD Brite programs, Greenovations replaced 187 bulbs in the Queen’s University community with compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs, saving approximate 9,141 watts.”

Charlotte and Kamille,
Greenovations at Queen’s University.

Michael Ting

“The Kingston Student Housing Cooperative has 21 homes. Getting rid of those old toilets that used more than 13 litres of water per flush and changing to 6 litre 'low-flow' toilets has reduced the Cooperative’s water consumption by 3,800,000 litres each year. We’re now planning to save even more water by switching to the new 3

Will Freeman

You’ll find Will at the Memorial Centre Farmers Market every Sunday standing behind a beautiful display of his produce, including his funky salad mixes named Fall Frolic, Bunny Mix and Wild Thing featuring edible flowers.

Kingston is a community that values local food, and that makes for happy farmers. The smile on Will’s face, as he answers questions

Elaine & Walter

Elaine and Walter describe beekeeping as a “hobby gone wild.” With 200 hives in eight locations across the community, it is like having a second full-time job just to tend to the bees.

What drives them is the result of their hard work – honey, which they take to the Memorial Centre Farmers Market.

“Watching someone’s face while they try

Chad Joshi

“Altranex is committed to developing sustainable alternatives to satisfy the world’s appetite for petro-chemicals like lubricants, waxes and plastics. We want to leave petroleum in the ground and replace it with things made from biological resources.”

Chad Joshi,
Co-founder and CEO of Altranex

Gordon McAlary

I have always been involved in research and development related to energy engineering. As a kid, I played with Lego, Erector sets, and model steam engines. In my early teens, I built a small operating wind turbine from an Erector set and mounted it on the peak of the roof of my childhood home. I subsequently pursued a mechanical engineering

Thank you for that night in Kingston

The Tragically Hip’s Aug. 20, 2016, concert and live-streaming event in Kingston struck a beautiful chord with more than 11 million Canadians and Hip fans around the world.
Here is a sampling of some of the feelings expressed at #HipinKingston following this remarkable event:

The Tragically Hip: Thank you, thank you, thank you music lovers! #ManMachinePoemTour #HipInKingston #cbcthehip pic.

Community Foundation's Across the Causeway, 2004

My personal favourite Tragically Hip memory was from when I was a reporter for CKWS TV Newshour. In 1984 I had the privilege of being the first broadcaster to ever interview the band. The group, on the brink of fame, arranged for the interview in Johnny Faye’s parents’ living room.

Two decades later, Rob, Paul, Johnny and the two

Kathy and Dianne

“Sustainable crop diversity offers the best hope for adaptation to the changing world climate. When we help protect heritage plant varieties, we’re protecting the genetic diversity that is nature’s insurance policy against catastrophic crop failures.”

Kathy and Dianne, Kingston Area
Seed Systems Initiative (KASSI)

Michael Tkautz

“We’re converting spent coffee grounds - which would otherwise go into the landfill, where they would produce methane as they decompose - and transforming them into a sustainable biomass fuel.”

Michael Tkautz, GreenCity Initiatives.

Bill, Eileen, Heather, Landon Moreland

Sci-fi fans who envisioned a day when robots would help with our daily chores likely didn’t picture how that might work on a dairy farm, but robots are playing in important role on farms today.
Rustowil Farm in Joyceville, Ontario is a fourth generation farm built in the 1930s. It was a typical operation with cows in stalls being

Helene Kommel

“A Passive House costs very little to heat and to cool, has excellent indoor air quality, is comfortable and quiet, and will last a lifetime. Building to the Passive House standard is not only for homes; everything from kindergarten to seniors' residence, office tower to factory, can be built to enjoy these benefits.”

Helene Kommel, Kingston
Passive House

Connor Macorin

Above all, the Queen's Solar House project demonstrates that living in a sustainable fashion is no longer a dream, but a cost-efficient reality. Like all technology, solar panels are becoming increasingly affordable and efficient over time. Meanwhile, programs like Ontario’s microFIT are making them a profitable long-term investment. By encouraging our visitors to adopt these sustainable technologies in their